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names we've never known

Names We've Never Known

karla k. morton's poetry collection, Names We've Never Known, explores life, love and the rebirth of spirit in every living thing.

"This is poetry that opens us back up, to rediscover the beauty that lies in wait all around us. It gives us permission to feel emotions that run deep and real and tangible, whether we name them or not."

~karla k. morton



Names We've Never Known is published by Texas Review Press
and is now available for purchase at local bookstores
and online at Texas A&M Press.

2005 Texas Poet Laureate Alan Birkelbach
raves about Karla's latest release...


"There is a subtext that runs through Karla's work, an in-the-moment hunger, a realization that yes, all life is fleeting - but look how glorious and rich it can be.

She knows how to give the most common items a special magic and meaning.

She takes images we all know and understand and, in her hands, they are transformed into something deeper, something that transcends the moment.

That is what good poetry is supposed to do. And Karla's poems do it - again and again and again."










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